Leave this page running in the background. It will refresh every 5 seconds. If you notice that your preferred device is available at a location near you, immediately go to Apple's reservation website (link attached). Click on 'Get Started' and quickly reserve your device. It may take a few consecutive attempts (there are a lot of people trying to access limited stock).


First off, this page has been used by a number of friends already to get their phones. So it definitely works! The best part is that this page is more accurate than Apple's own reservation page! Also, when you complete your reservation, you can choose whatever timeslot when you want to pick it up - Apple will have it waiting for you with your name on it. You don't even have to line up! Good luck, and happy hunting!


Apple's online inventory is closed between 8pm and 11:59pm every night (local to each store's timezone). Between 10-10:59pm EST, it works out that every store in Canada falls into this block of time. As a result, during that one-hour block, this page will not display any inventory information. While inventory is added throughout the day, midnight is when Apple is known to add a batch of new stock. As a result, there is often a wild frenzy in the first few minutes where thousands of users scramble to reserve phones.

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